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South Park Primary School 


Our curriculum 

Curriculum Intent 

At South Park Primary School, our curriculum is rooted in our core values of Self-belief, Perseverance, Pride and Success and the knowledge and skills that children need are developed through our curriculum drivers of Communication, Creativity, Resilience and Independence. Every child is recognised as a unique individual and we celebrate and welcome differences within our school community. A team of nurturing, highly skilled staff deliver our curriculum with subject specialists for art, music, French and PE. 

Our curriculum promotes and develops children’s ability to articulate clearly and communicate with respect, valuing themselves and others because we come from diverse backgrounds.  

Our curriculum immerses children in a rich, enjoyable, creative curriculum, providing investigative and enquiring opportunities to engage and discover new experiences so that they can build their cultural capital.  

Our curriculum builds resilience and stamina by ensuring the wellbeing of the school community alongside the teaching of skills, knowledge, concepts and values so that they thrive. 

Our curriculum develops skills and confidence for children to have the self-belief to become independent learners so that their aspirations are realised.  

Curriculum Implementation 

As a school, we believe our curriculum:  


  • enables children to develop their communication skills
  • ensures children develop their vocabulary in each curriculum subject 
  • provides opportunities for children to work collaboratively through teaching respect, values and equality.


  • Provides creative first hand and practical experiences
  • ensures the love of a subject is nurtured
  • enables community involvement through sharing experiences 


  • ensures children know how to start their learning and move it forward
  • encourages children to persevere and know when to ask for help
  • is supported by learning environments that are well organised


  • ensures that skills are scaffolded and modelled to provide the foundations for independent learning
  • provides varied tasks and opportunities 
  • allows children to have autonomy and choices over their learning


Curriculum Impact 

When children leave South Park, they are proud of who they are. They can communicate respectfully, as effective citizens in a multi-cultural society, are able to access opportunities and keep themselves safer. 


Children are able to act on their curiosity, approach problem solving creatively and have a thirst for success to seek new creative experiences and knowledge.  


Children reach their potential in reading, writing and mathematics and thrive in all subject areas while experiencing the wider aspects of school life. 


The children work collaboratively and independently; communicate effectively and are ready for the challenges they face at secondary school and beyond.